Natural Sea Shells and Starfish
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Welcome in Shells4U store! We are long established sea live seller. You can find us on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and on Facebook. We're proud of our excellent products and service. Shells4U is an online shop based in United Kingdom. We sell wide range of craft and decorative sea shells and starfish at great prices. All of the available items are natural and fairly sourced. As a dedicated team, we aim to give you quality products, great customer service and to bring the wonders of the sea into your home. You can find many kinds of seashells in our store: cowrie shells, clam shells, conches, scallops shells and even starfish in different colours and sizes.

The Shopping Experience

Shells4U can guarantee a pleasant online shopping experience. As an eBay seller, Shells4U holds a 100% positive feedback from their customers. You have an assurance that your purchases are safe and are well worth your money. If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to accommodate you.


Delivery. Shells4U wants you to receive your purchases as quickly as possible so that you will never have to wait long for your shells to arrive. We ship your packages as soon as we receive your payment. Shipment usually takes place within one to two business days. You can also avail of free shipping if you place orders of at least £50. The flat rate for shipping for orders less than £50 is £3.90. If you do not reside in the United Kingdom, please contact us for the quotation.

How to Order

To order your shells, please create an account at the online store. Choose the product/s, add to basket, fill out the form and submit it. On the end of the process You will be redirected to PayPal page to finalize the payment. You will receive the confirmation email for your order. We send another email to confirm the order has been dispatched.

How to Pay

Paying for your shells is quite simple. At the moment we only accept PayPal payments. You do not need to have a PayPal account to finalize the payment. You can simply use your debit/credit to pay for your order.

If anything goes wrong during your purchase, such as receiving a different order, or finding a missing product, you can contact shells4u to have this fixed right away. It is best to contact us within 72 hours.

Shells for Craft and Design

Seashells are just great for decorative projects. You can place them practically anywhere in your home or in your workspace. If you do not live by the coast, the seashells may be hard to come by. We can provide you with as many shells as you need. Not everyone has the time to go to the beach often, but these seashells can give off that nice, laid back coastal vibe.

There are many things you can do with seashells. You can use them as display, or incorporate them in your crafts. You can make mosaic projects, lampshades or shell curtains. Most of our seashells are perfect for your fish tanks. You can even create beautiful pieces of jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. The possibilities are endless, especially with a good dose of creativity. Our seashells can help make all your crafty ideas come to life in the most beautiful way.

At Shells4U, you will find that there are so many kinds of seas shells to choose from, so you may want to know the different kinds and colours of shells and starfish so you can determine which one is best for your project. You can choose from black, rose, violet, white, brown and many other colours. You can even look for packs that include all of these colours. Hobbyists and people interested in getting into crafts can always trust Shells4u to provide them with high quality shell products.

Shells for Weddings

Shells for Weddings. Our natural sea shells can also make great gifts. For special occasions, sea side themes are quite usual, because shells are just so beautiful and special. You know that these won't fail to impress. People throwing wedding parties may like to consider using seashells as their décor and giveaways. You can even have the shells strewn all over the floor to improve the ambiance of the event. Shells are effortlessly beautiful and classic, and can fit into goody bags for all your guests.

For the giveaways, it is suggested that you purchase the larger sea shells. They come in bulk so you do not have to worry about the quantity. Another giveaway suggestion is the crafted sand and shell bottles that you can purchase from the store. They are quite beautiful and they can save you the trouble of assembling them yourself. There are various shell products at our store. They make sure that you can choose the best shells for your wedding.

Weddings need so much time and preparation, and Shells4U can make your decoration needs so much easier to handle. Throw a stress-free wedding party with the help of Shells4U.

Broken Shells

Broken Shells. Shells4U has a great collection of broken shells. Crushed seashells are perfect for mosaic pieces and cards and bookmarks. You can use these for the simplest designs, which can be perfect for people who are only starting out with craft projects. You can also incorporate these into DIY picture frames.

You can place them on table tops and other surfaces to give them wonderful texture. You can also place these broken shells into mason jars. These make for beautiful decorations in the home. Crushed shells are lightweight and beautiful, and they come in packs. These broken shells are some of our bestsellers, and they are shipped to your doorstep in good condition.

Craft Shells

Craft Shells. It is a given that shells are a favorite with do it yourself for craftsmen and hobbyists. Shells and starfish can add a nice touch to any project and help you achieve the kind of look you are aiming for. You can go for projects that are fun, or cute, or elegant with these shells. Choose from the many packages of shells and starfish available in the store so you can get your next project started.

We offer a package of small starfish for your crafting needs. Natural Starfish can help you achieve an element of whimsy, or create a slight nostalgia for coastal living. We also offer a 100g, 300g and 500g packs of assorted natural beach seashells, which can easily remind you of the sea.

For a more beautiful and elegant look, Shells4U also offers 30 gram packs of Rose Cups Sea Shells. These delicate shells can add a touch of color to your projects. They are also quite unusual, so these are perfect if you want something that is unique but still effortlessly beautiful. A thirty gram pack can contain up to 700 pieces of small Rose Cups shells.

Small Shells

Small Shells. Shells4U offers a wide variety of small sea shells in different shapes and colours. These shells can provide great detail for projects that require more time and attention. These are perfect for putting into beach jars or for making jewelry. We sell them by packs so you can have the amount that you need for your crafts. You can choose from the pink Rose Cups or the very colourful Beach Shells. You even get a package that includes Venus Starfish pieces. Any craft idea is possible with these small seashell packages. You may like to keep checking the Shells4U site and eBay store to find discounts on these shells for an even better deal.

Medium Sea Shells

Medium SeaShells are great for making unique decorations. These can be assembled to make stunning conversation pieces, which can be great for dinner parties and other gatherings. They can also go into smaller craft projects as a nice accent piece. The sizes of these medium shells are around 4 cm to 10 cm, and you have various options including the Screw shells, Bats Wing sea shells and Scallop Fan Sea Shells.

Choose which package option suits your needs the best. We offer the basic Medium Sea Shell package, which contains a beautiful assortment of 16 sea shells. In our offer is a pack of Seashells plus Starfish. This package has bigger shells than the 16 pack. For bigger design needs, there is a 500g bulk package of Medium Sea Shells. With this package, you can get around seventy medium sized natural sea shells, or more. You are assured of the quality of these seashells. You will not have to worry about jagged or broken shells in your package. Shells4U often sells these items at discounted prices, so check the store site now to avail of these great deals.

Large Sea Shells

Large SeaShells can pass off as great decoration pieces even when used on their own. These make great accents to a home or a centerpiece. They are elegant and yet laid back, and they can provide a nice and relaxing feel when used for decorations. These large sea shells come in a variety of shapes and colours so you can easily match them to your existing décor.

You can also match these larger shells with smaller sized shells and starfish to create a variety in the composition of your decorations. Mixing shells of different sizes can make your decorations look more lively and exciting. Do not be afraid to buy in bulk, especially if you are into crafts and design. You can get even bigger savings with free shipping when you buy £50 worth of shells.

Shells4U offers large sea shells in different kinds and colours. We offer the Conch Primrose Sea Shells that have bright and buttery colour, which can lend a burst of colour to an otherwise dreary room. The Ficus Fig Sea shells are so extraordinarily curved that that they just can’t be missed. Their streamlined shape can be used for more modern or minimalist settings. The Nautilus shell is a classic design choice, and you can use it for rustic or vintage décor.

Buying your Large Sea Shells from Shells4U means that you will receive high quality items shipped to your door. All of our seashells are well cleaned and well preserved. These shells will be carefully wrapped for shipping to make sure that they do not get damaged during handling.


Starfish are such fascinating sea creatures. Their appearance is quite unique and they can give your nautical designs a more whimsical look. They can also break the monotony of too many shells. Shells4U offers packages of shells with Venus starfish, but if you want more of the starfish, you can also order just the starfish in packs of 5 or 10. You can get five small starfish, or a pack of five naturally broken Starfish, if you do not need too much symmetry.

In our offer are Knobbly Starfish and many others. These starfish can help you achieve that coastal feeling and you can use them as decorations or giveaways and mementos. Not many people have the luxury of visiting the beach to scour for these beautiful sea creatures. We give you these starfish without the hassle of going out of town and searching under the heat of the sun. They are shipped to you clean, and in pristine condition. They come at such affordable prices too.

All the starfish at Shells4U are naturally sourced and obtained fairly, so you need not worry about anything. From as little as £2, these starfish come at a great bargain.

Mixed Sea Shells

Mixed SeaShells can give you such an exciting variety of sea shells. These are perfect for people who do not want a pack of just conch shells, or just scallop shells. You can make every project unique with the help of these Mixed Shells. The Mixed Sea Shell Packs can give you all the varieties of sea shells in all the different colors. You can find shells in black, violet, pink, brown so you can design your craft projects to your heart’s desire.

The first Mixed Pack contains around 50 to 60 shells. It contains conches, screw shells, scallop and other kinds of shells in various colours. You can also get a mix of thirteen starfish and medium sized sea shells. For event design purposes, you may want to avail of the 500 gram Mixed Sea Shell package. It gives you all kinds of sea shells so you can achieve an inimitable design.

Discount Sea Shells

Discount Seashells. Check the online store, or subscribe to the Shells4U newsletter to find great bargains on all kinds of seashells. Get the best deals for your craft projects so you can do more and save more. Buying from this store can give you great savings on a wide selection of products. It definitely is a good way to shop smart.

Make your home or your work space a beautiful place to be in. The sea shells offered by us can help you achieve the most wonderful design results. Check the site, eBay, Amazon or Etsy store for all the wonderful shell products. You are sure to get all the best items at the best prices. It is the most convenient way to shop for all your crafting and design needs, and you get great customer service too.

For any questions or concerns, check our site for FAQ answers, or contact us directly. We will be more than happy to help you. Order your natural seashells now and receive these beautiful shells in your home in just a few days.

16 Medium Natural Sea Shells Small Sea Shells with venus starfish Small Sea Shells Mix 100g
16 Medium Shells
RRP: £5.50 Inc VAT
Our Price: £3.50 Inc VAT
Sale Price: £3.20 Inc VAT
100g Seashells with Venus Starfish
RRP: £3.00 Inc VAT
Our Price: £2.30 Inc VAT
Sale Price: £2.00 Inc VAT
50 + Beach Mixed SeaShells 100g
RRP: £2.50
Our Price: £1.80
Sale Price: £1.60

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