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Natural Small Starfish 5 Natural Broken Starfish Sea Shells
5 Natural Starfish Small
RRP: £2.30 Inc VAT
Our Price: £2.30 Inc VAT
Sale Price: £2.00 Inc VAT
Savings: £0.30
5 Natural Broken Starfish Sea Shells
RRP: £2.25 Inc VAT
Our Price: £2.25 Inc VAT
Sale Price: £2.00 Inc VAT
Savings: £0.25

Starfish decorative pieces can be pretty mementos. You can use them for sand and bottle projects, or embellish them with a string and give them away as favors for your beach wedding. You can even use them as a Christmas garland, if you want a touch of the sea even during the holidays. You can also just place them in a transparent bowl along with your collection of shells and they’ll make a no-fuss decor as well as a conversation piece.

You have a few options if you’re looking for starfish packages. The 5 Natural Starfish package contains 5 golden brown starfish. If you aren’t looking for perfect starfish, there’s the 5 Natural Broken Starfish Sea Shells package which is slightly cheaper.

However, if you’re looking to complete a small project that requires seashells as well, it would be best to get a mixed package such as the 13 sea shell package with a bonus medium starfish and a Venus starfish.

All of our items are thoroughly cleaned and well-packaged.

Do you fancy giving your décor or project a nautical of beach-y feel? Adding starfishes and shells will give it the right touch. Shells4U brings you the convenience of getting a decorative starfish with the convenience of your own home. With just a few clicks, you can order any number of beautiful natural starfishes that you can use for any project.

Shells4U is an online store that can provide you with different types of seashells and starfishes, all obtained from legal and safe methods. They have starfishes on sale at GBP 2.00, though the regular price of GBP 2.30 is still very affordable.

Why go through the hassle of scouring the beach under the glare of the scorching sun when you can have them delivered to your door? Shells4U has everything you need. Save yourself from the trouble and order online – you’ll have your beautiful shells and starfishes in no time!

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