Natural Sea Shells and Starfish
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You don’t need to have seashells in perfect condition just to complete a project. Even broken seashells can instantly add a touch of the sea to your project.

They are also versatile. You can use them to make a jewelry box, or a charming container for your smaller items. You can use them to decorate a picture or a photo frame. You may even use them with fully intact seashells and sand to create decorative bottles or “beach memory jars”. You may use them for simpler and smaller projects such as make hanging wall arts and bookmarks.

Broken seashells are some of our bestsellers, which is a testament to its value for hobbyists or anyone in the decoration business. We do not just package broken seashells. We still make sure that they are at least useable.

We also make sure that they are well packaged so they arrive at your place in acceptable condition.

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